Group Contract and Schedule Example

Download the following documents onto your computer and in your groups begin to plan how you are going to complete this project. **Note the more organized you are upfront, the better your project will turn out.

Take a look at the example below. Although it is for a different class and project, it provides you with a model on how you might be more specific in this planning process.

HMP Project Task List

HMP Group Contracts

Example Wiki page with group contract and group schedule:

For your reference, here is the updated Unit Description:
HyperMedia Profile Unit Description (updated)

To help you consider your audience, here is the “Understanding Your Readers” handout that you were given for the commentary unit:
A Checklist for Understanding Your Readers

Class Schedule:

Fri., 03-09: Not a workday, discuss readings, weebly tutorial
Mon., 03-12: Class Workday, choose visualization platform by Wednesday
Wed., 03-14: Predominantly workday
Fri., 03-16: Day to experiment with your chosen visualization platform
Mon., 03-19: Workday
Wed., 03-21: Workday
Fri., 03-23: Project due date


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