Two Blogs: 1) Commentary Puzzle Task 3., 2) Unit Reflection

This task is to be written as a blog post, and to be finished prior to our regular class time on Friday, 03-12-2010.

Commentary Puzzle :: Task 3
A. Read through the modifications made by your peer.

B. Compare the thesis your peer thought the body of your paper supported with the actual thesis you wrote. What are the differences? What changes can you make to either in the thesis or body of your paper to make sure the two reflect each other?

C. Consider the possibilities of a structure different that your original one. Does your peer’s arrangement add something? Take away something?

Commentary Unit Reflection :: Portfolio Letter Writing Practice
For the remainder of the semester, you will be utilizing your blogs as a reflective learning tool, practicing good portfolio writing, leading up to the final portfolio unit. For this, please read pages 632 – 635, and then reflect on your commentary paper and what in class helped you prepare for this paper.

For these blogs posts, I want you to practice explaining your development as a writer, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. Essentially, start to keep a log of your learning experiences in class to prepare you for the final portfolio letter.

Have a great Spring Break!


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