Rhetorical Analysis Paper Example

Albeit, this example only analyzes one article, you should be able to see how a text is analyzed rhetorically, as well as how you may wish to structure your paper.

The example is not perfect, by any means, and you should engage and analyze the example critically and accordingly.

Rhetorical Analysis Example.

Inforum article for practice.

Inforum editorial.


Delicious Tagging

nullIf you would like a great organizational system for your research efforts throughout the rest of your career, here is a great place to start: Delicious.com.

Bookmark all your website, research materials here by “tagging” them with keywords. Tagging is the use of keywords to be able to find related materials to the subjects you wish to review later. For instance, you are researching for your rhetorical analysis paper, and you find some interesting sites about the writer’s background. You could bookmark it, then tag it with the following keywords: eng120, RA, etc.

Your tags are only limited by your points of organization, but if you care to see them in action, here is my profile: http://delicious.com/chrisrevised.


Analysis: Making Meaning

Take the three following images and analyze them. Explore what you see in the images and how they are arranged to arrive at a meaning.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Write a paragraph for each image, and what you believe is happening in the image. Also include how you arrived at your conclusion(s), i.e. what is your evidence?
  • Then, write a paragraph about how all three images are relate. Again, don’t forget to cite your evidence as to how and why you arrived at your conclusions.
  • So, that’s 4 paragraphs total: one for each image and one for how they are connected somehow.

Have Fun!